How to Generate Vector QR Codes

By Rich Jones

So you've decided to use QR codes in your marketing materials, but you need a big, high-resolution vector qr code for your printed marketing materials, like glossy magazines, posters and billboards.

Vector QR Codes

Well good news! You've just found OmniQR, and this is the only place on the ...

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QR Code Generator

By William Wade

Do you want to use QR codes for your advertising?

Look no further, my friend, because you've just stumbled onto the best QR Code generator on the web.

Try our QR Code generator here!

Not All QR Code Generators Are Alike

QR Codes are tricky things. They aren't all the same, they come ...

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What is A QR Code?

By Rich Jones

You've probably seen them by now - those funny, pixelly squares that are starting to appear in advertisements.

What is a QR Code?

They're called QR Codes, which stands for 'Quick Response Code,' and they're taking the advertising world by storm.

How to Use

When scanned with ...

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Awesome QR Code Boosts Mobile Business Advertising Benefit

By Ken G. Dockins

As a business owner, you fully realize the value of QR coding applications technology. Typically, you have used individual QR codes to redirect clients and users to specific applications or site landing pages.

However, a new application with a nearly perfect QR solution is now available to you. It is called "OmniQR."

Perhaps you can ...

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QR Code Analytics

By Rich Jones So, you've got a suite of mobile applications or a mobile website and you want to use QR codes to do your real world advertising. Great! But you're a pro - you want to get some feedback about your new users. This guide will show you how to use Google Analytics and OmniQRCode to get ...

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