Awesome QR Code Boosts Mobile Business Advertising Benefit

By Ken G. Dockins

As a business owner, you fully realize the value of QR coding applications technology. Typically, you have used individual QR codes to redirect clients and users to specific applications or site landing pages.

However, a new application with a nearly perfect QR solution is now available to you. It is called "OmniQR."

Perhaps you can surmise by its name exactly why it provides so much merit. Simply put, it is a UNIVERSAL QR code reader which nearly completely eliminates the need for MULTIPLE QR codes to handle the various types of devices which clients might be using.

All Users, All Devices

With OmniQR, you can individually redirect users to the vast array of mobile, hand-held, and website reading devices which now exist. The code knows it all and seamlessly executes the redirect operation in smooth fashion.

Your clients virtually remain unaware that the switch has been executed for them. In a nutshell, with one single QR code you can instantly redirect your users to an Android 1.6, the iPhone, or to the Android 2.2, for example.

How it works

Here is the how it works for you. A user quickly opens his or her QR code reader, takes a picture of the visual code, and is quickly redirected to the designated site or source application.

Yet, the big difference now is that you can have a "SINGLE" QR code designed to take users to different, multiple, and separate application sources, simply by using the one and exact same QR code.

The advantages here for you are phenomenal, and we are proud to be the cutting-edge provider of universal QR code design systems which give you:

  • The convenience of single coding with tracking system capability
  • The fastest possible speed in redirection performance
  • The pinpoint accuracy of automatic device detection.

Thus, as a business owner, you no longer require single codes for each and every version of appliance or computer device utilized.

As you should already know, to get the most of out of technological applications, they must be fast, convenient, plus highly adaptable across different platforms.

The unique qualities of the OmniQR coding system additionally provide great value to both large and small operations.

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    About OmniQR: provides a free QR code generator, intelligent QR redirection for mobile devices, and QR code analytics. With OmniQR, you just need one QR code to get users to the right apps and mobile websites for their phones. Try it for free now!

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