How to Generate Vector QR Codes

By Rich Jones

So you've decided to use QR codes in your marketing materials, but you need a big, high-resolution vector qr code for your printed marketing materials, like glossy magazines, posters and billboards.

Vector QR Codes

Well good news! You've just found OmniQR, and this is the only place on the internet where you can find a free QR Code generator which can generate vector graphics.

Why Vector

Most graphics you find on the internet are 'raster' graphics, which means they're made of lots of little squares. When you try to make those files bigger, they get all pixelly and don't look good.

Vector graphics are instead made of lots of geometric shapes, and a shape stays the same no matter what size you look at it.

QR codes make nice vector graphics, because they're already just a bunch of squares.

How To Make Vector QR Codes

To get started making high resolution vector QR codes, you'll need to sign up for a pro account of our QR code generator.

Then, create a new campaign. Fill in all of the information you want your QR code to have. Since you have a pro account, you can also enter in your analytics information, too, as well as your device detection information.

Once you've got your campaign, scroll down to the bottom, and click on the link which says "Download as Vector SVG".

You can then save this file as a .SVG for use in your marketing materials.


    About OmniQR: provides a free QR code generator, intelligent QR redirection for mobile devices, and QR code analytics. With OmniQR, you just need one QR code to get users to the right apps and mobile websites for their phones. Try it for free now!

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