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By William Wade

Do you want to use QR codes for your advertising?

Look no further, my friend, because you've just stumbled onto the best QR Code generator on the web.

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Not All QR Code Generators Are Alike

QR Codes are tricky things. They aren't all the same, they come in different sizes and shapes. Most QR code generators will give you the lowest quality QR codes, and only let your QR code point to one location.

With the QR Code generator at OmniQRCode.com, you can get high resolution QR codes which generate SVG QR codes for all your vector graphic needs, which are perfect for print materials and even billboards, as they can scale well beyond 300dpi.

Our QR Code generator also lets you have QR Code Redirects, so you can point your customers to different content based on their location or phone type. This also lets you change your advertising campaign after you've already launched it, giving you maximum impact.

Finally, with our QR Code generator, you can include QR Code Analytics to get the most data about who is scanning your codes.

Try It For Free

Interested? Then you can try our our QR Code generator absolutely free!

    About OmniQR: OmniQRCode.com provides a free QR code generator, intelligent QR redirection for mobile devices, and QR code analytics. With OmniQR, you just need one QR code to get users to the right apps and mobile websites for their phones. Try it for free now!

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