Press Release

July 27, 2011 (Cambridge, MA) -- Tanagra Enterprises announced the launch of Omni QRCode.com, a new technology that allows mobile publishers to magically redirect their users to the best mobile application for their phone, all with a single QR code. OmniQRCode.com solves a major problem in mobile phone app marketing: typical QR Code solutions require many separate QR Codes for different mobile devices, but OmniQRCode.com lets app developers to use only one. This means a better overall user experience and more attractive marketing materials.

OmniQR also provides fully integrated analytics solutions for mobile publishers who want to maximize their understanding of their QR advertising campaigns.

Another outstanding feature of OmniQRCode.com is that it understands and helps correct for the fragmentation of the Android marketplace. For example, if your product has a separate listing in Google's Android Marketplace for Android 1.6 and Android 2.2, OmniQRCode.com automagically redirects users to exactly the right app for them to download or purchase.

Do you have your apps listed in third-party markets? OmniQRCode.com can handle that. Do you support a wide range of phone platforms, like BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian? OmniQRCode detects and handles those devices too.

"It's hard being an independent app developer," said Rich Jones, co-founder of OmniQRCode.com. "We've heard stories of app developers managing up to five different versions of an app, for three phone platforms. But OmniQRCode.com solves this problem for me as an independent app developer, and I bet it will for you."

OmniQRCode.com is built based on the input and needs of independent app developers, and it is built by manly, bearded men who develop web and phone apps professionally. "I'm just glad that now I can put one QR Code on a website, a poster or a sticker and not have to worry about what kind of phone is going to scan it" commented Seth Woodworth, co-founder. "OmniQRCode is an exciting product. We're going to do to QR Codes what Google did to search."

"OmniQRCode.com is a living, breathing service for app developers, by app developers. Several exciting additional features are in the pipeline, and we are welcoming feature requests for our next phase."

A video explaining the technolgy is available at: http://omniqrcode.com/example/